Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai ..
Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai..
koi tho ho raazdaar..begaraz tera ho yaar...

Teri har ek burai pe dante woh dost
Gum ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera woh dost

Nache bhi woh teri khusi main...
Arey Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai ..
Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai..

- Thanks for being there toukes :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Moments... has been aeons since i had posted here...Can you beleive it?Its been almost 2 years... And u may ask why now? The motivation strong enuf to get me off my lazy ass is a very dear friend's birthday. Not convinced? then definitely i shud narrate few incidents 'bout thy laziness..u shud see the milk glass which i abandoned 3 days ago and now it serves as the refugee of one million varieties of algae,fungi,virus,bacterium,bacillus,insectum and ameoba( Wow! i know, my usage of scientific terms is absolutely fab :P):D...
Ahem..back to the topic now. Well coming back to my friend's brithday? but again which friend?? (hehe...i ws jusht kidding yaar)..Its the name with which you are already freinds with. Yes its Priyanka's birthday * chweet shmiley shmiley emoticon here* Hmm..Can't belive its been 2 yrs already. Time just flies (am sure it must be using one of the cheapest yet fastest Air travels..otherwise i wonder how it manages:P)
This day again flashes all those wonderfull funderfilled moments..those were the days * siiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhh *
kirrr...kirrrr...keeeech...keeeech.. (Yes! yes! turning the rusted flashback wheel now,hence the sound..)
All those memories are still fresh.... those birthday surprises..those never ending parties.. those delighted faces.....those silly jokes..that last bench..those bike rides...those hangouts...those sleep overs..those movies..those girl talks...road side food..those stupid foto sessions...those get togethrs..hmm...those were the days *siiiighhhs again*. I guess we will never get back those days CP..As we thot, life moved on. Each one of us now have different ambitions, different roles, different priorities in short different lifes. But how ever different it might be, the fondness is still the same or may be grew a little more ;-).. ahem.. no matter how much ever i try to not make this post senti, i fail :D...
Anyways many many happy returns of the day once again :-). may all your wishes come true and may u get hardest of bumps :-)..
Come bac to India sooon..we all are waiting :-) and i promise u wil never miss those ol' stupid yaa..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Snap Shots -2

Name : Priyanka Cheruvu
Nick names: C.P,
Madame Dongri ..
Well the list goes on nd on nd onnn...

Likes : talking and dancing.
Hates : Engineering drawing :P
Assests: Her infectious smile and her Auspicious Activa.

Punch line : Lite lelo.
Slang : can be apun ka hyderabadi, can talk like a typical andhrite nd also can switch easily to telangana( in short, bahu yaasa praaveenyuraalu)

My friendship with this tomboy of our girl gang, goes way back wen we both were in Intermediate. Though we knew each other from inter days, got closer only in engineering.
Ever heard the song,
Ek ladki ko dekha tho aisa laga,
Jaise khiltha gulab, jaise shaayar ka khwaab,
Jaise Ujli kiran, jaise wan mein hiran
Wel this song dassan't really describe her but describes one of her real close friends.Namely me and she knows it :P(chill!! stop kickin mah ass now. Ooouch it hurts!)

Image Hosted by

Jokes apart, C.P is this girl who appears to be a nerd when u c her the first time,a wierdo wen u get to know her a little and a great friend when u spend even more time with her.
This girl with ‘don’t care attitude’ is known for her different tastes(remember navratan C.P) and different traits. Shez a subtle blend of psychology and “harmless” violence. Something not possible for C.P is to be outspoken without being rude. May be that’s the reason y even today ppl presume things about her. If only they knew how amiable she is and she can be.

Her mood swings every 6 minutes. This Kuchipudi dancer definitely donno know how to hide her feelings. Her face speaks. Yeah *“Face is the index of her mind”*.I bet u wudn’t find any other living creature with so many different facial expressions and gestures.(Dog can show 143 different fasial expressions and C.P even beats dat record.Am proud of you my friend…am proud of you * :P) ..And her killer smile reveals everything. When ever C.p smiles ppl wonder as wot she is upto.

Image Hosted by

This weirdo used to sit next to me on the bus for a hecka–lot two years. Then came The Activa(succha relief :P).
C.P, potti and yers truly used to sit in the last bench, crack dumbest of jokes and giggle their time away, chat non-stop ‘bout any topic under the sun or for dat matter even beyond the sun.

Though she has got huuuge number of friends I can say only few of ‘em know the real C.P.
You need to pierce through her shell to know her completely.
Have seen all the facets of this girl, seen extremes of her emotions, seen gamut of her feelings.
In this big, matured, bold girl there is a kid who needs to be pampered , a friend who needs to be spoiled, an angry girl who needs to be pacified, a hopeless lover who needs to be loved and taken care of.
And this girl can’t really take failure. those depressive times she says, “Life may have no meaning or even worse it may have a meaning of which I disapprove”.(thaaliya..thaaliya!!) :P

We had our share of riffs and tiffs, misunderstandings and moments where both of us were hurt but it din’t take much of time for us to come out as best of friends. Shez been there for me in al’ those hard times patiently listening to those endless sob stories. I at times wonder if she ws sleeping with eyes wide open :P.

It ws a hellova gr8 ride of 4 yrs with you C.P...Glad to have you around gal.:)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Snap Shots of life.

Continuation of mah previous post...

I was talking abt tis dame called Potti...

Name : Pranitha Mangaraju
Nicknames : Potti , C3 .

#1)Her innocence
#2)Wasting time(shortly she will be writing a book- 1000 ways to while away time!)
#3)being my friend ( u r soo darn lucky gal! )
#4)Taking lyf as it comes( time flew and experience made her a harder person)! Potti,u really rock in tis aspect ra!!according to me u r the most courageous nd the timidest gal...
#5)Her ability to adjust...(i have neva seen anyone changing so much just to match or fit her loved ones' image)

#1) family nd frenz...
#2) chocolates..
#3) giving up on things easily..
#4) fickle minded(being a piscean i say tis,u guys can imagine how whimsical she is)

loves : tweety pie
hates : apple pie..(remember potti..the one we bought frm pizza hut in vizag??)

likes : ppl with humor...
dislikes : ppl spreading rumor..( interestingly both the names start with S *wink*)(xcuse me for the inside joke guyz)

talks : crap..
sings: rap ..

laffs: hysterically (provided she understands the joke)
bluffs : hopelessly (very bad at cooking up stories)

Friend : BEST!
Whose? : mine..:)

Image Hosted by

The one with the stunning CLOSE-UP grin is Potti..
Ever-giggling...ever loving...
ever dumb..never glum...

thanks for always being there girl...
for being a gr8 partner in mischeif and fun...

i remember all the crazy things we did together..
wud together croon..."It is evil..It is sin, sins are forgiven,so letz begin"...
Our pranks wud neva stop..nor did the fun..

Can neva forget the incident wen u ran down the bespectacled guy in the college near the lab..nd gave him the scare of his life...
Jee!!! laughed till the tummies ached...laffed till the tears rolled down..
cannot forget yer shitty theories on why and how yer bro's specs wer bent...

On very few fortunate days we wud get to listen to yer sheer nonsense..nd sujay cudn't help saying the cliched phrase Potti flow loki vacchindhi roi..he he..Thos wer the daysss!!!..*sigh!!*..

Those so called combined studies wen we wud happily take a break of 1 hour for every 15 min study :P...Those sleepless nights wen we used to lie on the bed facing the roof nd talkin till the wee hours about evrything nd anything ranging a gamut of topics from Abhishiek bacchan to Adapa Ramarao.....from straightening to waxing...from recent crush to ANSYS mesh...from santa claus to tummy loss...from Pyramids to Ramya's kids...It ws always fun to be with yo...

We shared the darkest of secrets...She is my best secret secret diary...
She has been the one person, who knew everything about me and never judged me on what she knew...Tel me trillion thingies against her she will still be my best friend..

Hmm..okay..datz abt me..her nd US...:)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snapshots !!!!

This post is exclusively for yew girlz!!
It ws long due.As alwayz ws too lazy to give wordz to thez wonderful memories ..Finally the time has come nd i guess tis one is going to be real long...i'll try mah best to write in brief...

Firstly lemme give brief intros of thez toukes!

Pranitha aka POTTI: One of my bestestesst frenz(ok..u won't find dat word in any dictionary..tis the super superlative of the word 'best') ...
Both of us r soo much alike..our frequencies match..our thoughts match...our tastes match..mus say she is more like my reflection or may be a 'sober,dumb version of me' :P!!!
Made frenz with tis girl in the first month of my engineering...from then on therz no stopping! She constitutes a gr8 part of my BEST memories..
The 'other girl' of 'MY GANG'
Tis is mah KID friend..evryone in my gang treats her as a kid...nd she very much deserves dat tretament...
Her dumbness is her greatest assets..can get soo stupid at times dat u can't stop falling in love at her pristine innocence!!!
She alwayz ends up becoming the butt of our jokes...nd the worst part is we hafta explain the joke atleast twice to make her understand it..he he..

guys...guys..tis ain't happening..i mean therz soo much to write 'bout thez toukes...i guess i hafta make three different posts for thez three ppl... the next series of posts will be on 'em entirely..
for time being..check out our pics..:)

By the wayz Happy holi to u all

my day ws stinkingly rockkking!!
13 nd a half eggs + 3 tomatoes + colours!!!!

Image Hosted by

yerz truly and sirisha(one of my school mates)

Eh hai DON!!!
Image Hosted by
Meet Priyanka aka C.P...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


YAY!! baybheee!!
time for an other gag sowiie Tag..:P

This time around i won't be cribbing 'bout the person whu tagged me..coz' he ws clever enuf to bless me wit Mista.Taggy in the rite time to kick the signs of lethargy outta me nd actually get me off my butt to write sumthin up in here finally!(jeee!! am gettin beta day by day..i mean it ws a stinkingly looong sentence guys!!)

neways before i start crooning
mein bhi tagging...ti ri ree...
thu bhi tagging....ti ri reee...
dhuniya hai tagging(2 times :P)...

lemme take the privilege of naming the Tag-shah of blogsville...
Ladies nd Not-so-Gentle'men PUT yer hands nd scorns together for our one nd lonely K.K:P...

Alrite enuf Bragging..letz start Tagging!!

Tis time gonna tag mah best harami bunch of frenz!!(are baih...tag kiya tho dar na kya..jab tag kiya tho darna kya??)

#2)jus ravi

yaay! done!Mu ha ha ha ha !! *laughs hysterically like a ol' black nd white flick's villian.. no no vamp*:p!

NOW..Pet peeves

#1) Hate mah cousin who takes a bite of sandwich nd asks "wanna see wha in muh mouf "..(lol..he is beside me now :P)

#2) Hate one of my professors who picks his nose in public (jee! i can't stand him)

#3) Hate narrow minded ppl(come'on u don need to luk thru a keyhole with both eyes..get a life!!)

#4) Hate ppl who ask me the same sickenin cliched question " Why r u soo lean?dieting eh??" ...(wel..rite!!..dieting to give a tuff competetion to skeleton!! grr..dieting my ffooott!!!!...Gimme a Breaaaakkkk peepz!!)

#5) Hate ppl whu bitch at my back!! (one finger salute to al' of ye' wit keen sense of rumour!!)

#6) can't really stand hypochondriacs!!(therz much more in lyf than feeling like a sicckk oyster at low tide)

#7) hate ppl whu don't hate cockroaches!!(dat shall explain how much i hate cockroach :P)

#8) hate ppl whu smell like pigs( no i neva had the privilege of smelling a pig..buh i know it is the most dirtiest animal)...

#9) Hate guys who have no respect for women!

#10) hate eavesdroppers!!!

dan dana dan done!! ;)
yers annoyingly..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Heights of Laziness!!

copy + paste work of her earlier posts..hehe

here r the links...

treasuring thos simple momemts

mah fav posties

nd now u peeps don use yer smarty brains nd copy-paste yer comments ...:P
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