Friday, March 07, 2008

Moments... has been aeons since i had posted here...Can you beleive it?Its been almost 2 years... And u may ask why now? The motivation strong enuf to get me off my lazy ass is a very dear friend's birthday. Not convinced? then definitely i shud narrate few incidents 'bout thy laziness..u shud see the milk glass which i abandoned 3 days ago and now it serves as the refugee of one million varieties of algae,fungi,virus,bacterium,bacillus,insectum and ameoba( Wow! i know, my usage of scientific terms is absolutely fab :P):D...
Ahem..back to the topic now. Well coming back to my friend's brithday? but again which friend?? (hehe...i ws jusht kidding yaar)..Its the name with which you are already freinds with. Yes its Priyanka's birthday * chweet shmiley shmiley emoticon here* Hmm..Can't belive its been 2 yrs already. Time just flies (am sure it must be using one of the cheapest yet fastest Air travels..otherwise i wonder how it manages:P)
This day again flashes all those wonderfull funderfilled moments..those were the days * siiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhh *
kirrr...kirrrr...keeeech...keeeech.. (Yes! yes! turning the rusted flashback wheel now,hence the sound..)
All those memories are still fresh.... those birthday surprises..those never ending parties.. those delighted faces.....those silly jokes..that last bench..those bike rides...those hangouts...those sleep overs..those movies..those girl talks...road side food..those stupid foto sessions...those get togethrs..hmm...those were the days *siiiighhhs again*. I guess we will never get back those days CP..As we thot, life moved on. Each one of us now have different ambitions, different roles, different priorities in short different lifes. But how ever different it might be, the fondness is still the same or may be grew a little more ;-).. ahem.. no matter how much ever i try to not make this post senti, i fail :D...
Anyways many many happy returns of the day once again :-). may all your wishes come true and may u get hardest of bumps :-)..
Come bac to India sooon..we all are waiting :-) and i promise u wil never miss those ol' stupid yaa..


Blogger freak-y said...

reading this i feel nostalgic..
gud luck to your friend!

happy birthday andi priyanka garu :D.

welcome back ;)

3:38 PM  
Blogger sahithi said...

Happy Budday Priyanka!....Ron keeps telling abt u.... God bless us all pani pata leni engg girls who did every silly and insane things on earth for 4yrs....Simple n sweet blog[;)]

10:36 AM  
Blogger zoram said...

cn i also talk? :) just wana say "nice post"
oh hey!cant seem to find any sharing engine on ur blog. y dnt u put up something like Tell-a-Friend so that visitor like me can share ur posts with frens thru mails,IMs,blogs,socialnetworking sites etc...u cn simply register on Do check it out :)

3:27 AM  
Blogger Naresh said...

wow wow... Back after 2 yrs... u r an inspiration... feel like i need to pull up my socks and pen down my thots soon! :)
u a telugu?

6:14 AM  

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